Help - How to Register and Create/Update Tutor Page

How I can create tutor page?
Who can create tutor page?
Anyone who can teach, instruct, help can create tutor page.
For example - If you can teach, instruct anything like physics, mathematics, any language, computer science, dance, robotics, music, cooking, or anything then you are welcome to create tutor page here.
How can I create tutor page?
Just visit and create your personal page here.
You just need to be logged in.

It would be great if you update all the information as soon as possible; it would help others to get all the details soon else you can update at your pace.
Do I need to change my web address (URL)?
System generated URL (web address) is long and not easy to remember, it is advisable to change it soon.
For example
is not easy to remember but
is easy.
What can I do with my page?
Your page will be available to persons searching for tutors on as well as different search engines.

You can use your page as you like, it is personal to you.
For example - You can share your page with your students to share news from you. You can also use your page in ads.
Where can I find link to my page?
You can find link to your page in profile page (top right link showing your email or your display name)
Link to your pages:
This page will show list of your pages, if you have created any.
Can I create more than one tutor page?
Although directly you can create only one page for yourself but if you think you need more than one pages, just let us know and we will send links to create more pages. This website is 100% free.
Can I change my information at any time?
You can change your information at any time. For example - if you have got a new phone number and you would like to use it from now, then you can simply update your contact details. If you think you only want to communicate using email and messaging on, then you can remove your phone number any time.
What is subject?
This is a section where you can add subjects (like Mathematics, Science, Commerce, Electronics etc.) and other areas of expertise (like Dance, Yoga, Personality Development, Animation etc.).

You can add any number of subjects /areas here.
What are classes?
Here you can add list of classes you can teach.

For Example - you can add class 11, class 12, Graduation, CA, MBA, if you are interested to teach them.
What is location?
Here you can add list of geographical areas you can cover.

For example - Delhi, Mumbai, India, South Delhi, Online, Anywhere etc..
What is qualification?
Here you can add your qualification (like MA, PhD, B.Ed etc) or any major achievements (like scholarships, awards etc).
What is detail?
Here you can update details about you. It could be your qualification, areas of interest, achievements, working hours, teaching methodologies, your success story etc...
What is web address (URL)?
This is your web address, your identity on web that you may use to advertise your skills. You can change your web address.

You might like to have some decent web address which is easy to remember and represent you. Change it soon.
However, we don't recommend frequent changes as it would impact your search listing on search engines (like Google, Yahoo etc) and few people might be looking for you using your old URL.
Why should I change my web address (URL)?
Changing your web address to something more meaningful would help in having your unique identity on internet and would make it easy for people to remember and hence reach you easily. Hence, we strongly recommend personalising it as soon as you create your profile with us.
Why should I change my web address only once?
It is your identity on web.

People might be remembering your web address, and if you do frequent changes in this address, then people may not be able to find you.
Can I upload my photo also?
Photo on right hand is your photo, you can change it any time.
How can I change my photo?
Take mouse pointer over photo and click on link appears to change photo.
Can people searching for me send messages to me?
People can send message to you by clicking on the link "Message" available under options on the left side of the page.
What are some links on left hand side of screen?
These are applications (Apps) available to your account.
For example - you can see some apps like quotes (to find daily quotes), news (to send/broadcast updates about you or anything), messages (to read messages sent to you).
What is the link "News" on left hand side of screen?
This is an application that enables you to broadcast messages for people
For example - you can tell people about new course, times, your article, any other good article, your ads, schedule, tips or anything else you think is important.
How can I read my messages?
People searching for you can send messages to you and you can always read them by clicking on the link "Messages" available under options on the left side of the page.
Where can I get help from?
You can get help from this FAQ, or also from each individual item (link "Help" adjacent to link "Update").
You can always write to us if you are stuck anywhere or have any feedback/suggestion through links available towards the bottom of the page.
How can I update information?
You can change any information by moving your mouse pointer on the respective item and then clicking on link "Update" which appears.
When will my tutor page appear on search?
In 2-5 days your tutor page will appear on search.
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