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needed teacer for sub-contract

needed teacer for sub-contract
Asked 4 years 3 months before by

NRI expat, more than 12 years of experience and have many established students of different nationals are well placed in their respective universities for professional qualifications.

Style of Teaching: A strong foundation is made with Science (Physics, Chemistry and Biology), Mathematics and Statistics for CBSE, ICSE, West Bengal Board, O level, IGCSE, SABIS, AS level and A2 level, IB - SL / HL and Engineering Mathematics with application of computer, Games and Scientific Tales for easy understanding. Guides, past papers and notes are available for all syllabus. Preparatory lessons for Engineering Maths, SAT, TOEFL- IBT, IELTS as needed.
Mobile Number: 98 36 277 394

2 years 7 months ago •
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