Largest/Biggest Countries of the World

Largest/Biggest Countries of the World
Russia is roughly double the size of second biggest country.

Rank Name Area(sq. km.) Area(sq. mi.) Note
1Russia17,075,2006,591,027The largest country in the world.
Largest country of Europe (European Russia) and Asia (Asian Russia).
2Canada9,984,6703,854,082Largest country in the Americas.
Largest in the Western Hemisphere by total area.
3United States9,631,4183,717,727Largest economy.
4China9,596,9603,704,426Largest country entirely in Asia.
5Brazil8,511,9653,285,618Largest country in South America.
Largest in the Southern Hemisphere.
6Australia7,686,8502,967,124Largest country in Oceania.
Largest country without land borders.
7India3,287,5901,269,009Largest country in the Sub-continent.
Largest in South Asia.
8Argentina2,766,8901,068,019Largest country in Hispanic America.
9Kazakhstan2,717,3001,048,877Largest landlocked country.
10Algeria2,381,740919,352Largest country in Africa.
Largest Arab country.
11Congo, Democratic Republic of the2,345,410905,328Largest country in Sub-Saharan Africa.
13Saudi Arabia1,960,582756,785Largest country in the Middle East
14Indonesia1,919,440740,904Largest country wholly on islands.
15Sudan1,886,068728,215Formerly the largest country in Africa.

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