EVS Worksheets for Grade 2

Learn Good Manners - Set 1
This worksheet aims to help kids distinguish between good manners and bad manners.
People Who Make Our Houses - People who help us
Fill in the blanks with correct option, like: An (astrologer / architect) makes the plan of a house.
Means Of Transport - Tick the Correct Answer
Tick the correct answer, like: Thousands of years ago, man used to travel from one place to another on (a) rocket (c) car (b) foot (d) motor cycle
Means Of Transport - Land / Air / Water
Arrange the given means of transport in the correct list: (land / air / water) helicopter, bullock, cart, boat, submarine ...
Crossword - Neighbourhood Services
Complete the crossword puzzle with the help of given clues: Clues Across 2. Children go there to study
Odd One Out : Set - 1
Circle the odd one out, like: 1. (a) Cow (c) Eagle (b) Dog (d) Cat
Odd One Out : Set - 2
Circle the odd one out, like: 1. (a) Sunday (c) Holiday (b) Tuesday (d) Friday
Odd One Out : Set - 2
Circle the odd one out, like: 1. (a) Tea (c) Soup (b) Coffee (d) Friday
Places Of Worship
People of different religions visit different places of worship. See if you can match these: People Place of Worship ...
Animals - Domestic and Wild
Out of the given animals, identify which animals are domestic and which are wild by drawing circles of different colors around them.
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